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Judging is in its final stages this weekend.  We will post the winners on November 1st.   We have had a wonderful audience reception of the festival and the films.  The films just get better and better every year.  Films that would have won ShockerFest back in 2002, now do not even make the cut to be shown.  I want to give kudos to all the filmmakers that were accepted into ShockerFest this year, you guys were amazing.   

    Louise Baker

    I am a writer, produce, director.  I produce and direct several TV shows on KAZV-TV here in Modesto, CA.  I am also an author.  My Sci-Fi novel, Symbiosis, is available on Please check it out. 
     My husband George and  I have been co-Directors of ShockerFest for the last 10 years.  We are also filmmakers and have written, produced and directed  two award winning films.


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ShockerFest International Film Festival